The mother of 19-year old Camperdown High School student, Sheckton Gordon, says she has authorized an autopsy on her son’s body, after he reportedly died from symptoms consistent with the Chikungunya Virus.

Sheckton died yesterday at his Wellington Avenue home in Kingston 6, after falling and hitting his head.

Diana Gordon says her son, Sheckton, was at home suffering from a high fever and chronic joint pains.

She said he went to have a shower and shortly after he was found by his father bleeding from his nose.

Mrs. Gordon says Sheckton was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

She says she has given permission for an autopsy to be done to identify the cause of death.

Mrs. Gordon says Sheckton became ill on Monday.

However he was not taken to the doctor as the family felt that the effects of the Chik-V would relent soon.

Meantime .. Principal of Camperdown High, Valentine Bailey, says reports are that Sheckton was very weak due to his illness and this resulted in his fatal fall.

Mr. Bailey says several members of the immediate Camperdown High school family are suffering from Chik-V related symptoms.

Meanwhile, Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites says the death of Sheckton Gordon is a tragedy.

Ronald Thwaites, Education Minister, speaking with Nationwide News.