Canada will re-open its borders to fully vaccinated Americans starting next month after nearly 17-months of closure.

The move to ease border restrictions comes after significant gains in the country’s vaccination rate and a steady drop in Covid-19 cases.

If the anti-virus progress continues, Canada will welcome all fully vaccinated international travellers by September 7.

According to the BBC, all travellers will need to present a negative Covid-19 test before entry.

The US has not yet said if it will allow Canadians to enter across the land border for non-essential travel.

The changes for American travellers and US permanent residents will go into place on August 9.

Both the US and Canada also agreed to ban non-essential crossings along their land border spanning over 5-thousand miles.

The Canadian government first shut its borders in March last year, barring entry to all non-essential foreign travellers with few exceptions.

However, a blanket ban on all commercial and private passenger planes from India will remain in place until at least August 31 due to ongoing virus concerns.