Residents of Cane Lane in Annotto Bay, St. Mary took to the streets today to protest the arrest of two young men from the community.

The two men have been arrested as suspects in the murder of a three-year-old baby on February 14—Valentine’s Day.

Statements given to the police by persons have led to the arrests. But residents are crying injustice as they claim the two young men are innocent.

The over 200 strong who took to the streets this morning are alleging that the child’s stepfather fatally shot the baby that night.

Furious residents of Cane Lane yesterday morning made human chains to block the roads in their area. Only lenience was given to ambulances, nurses and teachers to drive through.

The community took to the streets from as early as 6:00 am yesterday expressing their frustration regarding the arrest of the two young men. One resident Joycelyn Bagnal who spoke with Nationwide News says the Police came early Wednesday morning at about 1:00 to pick up the men.

However, only one was arrested as the other was in Kingston for work. At about 7:30 Wednesday evening the second man turned himself in after hearing the police were looking for him as well.

Ms. Bagnal claims on the night of the fatal shooting, the two guys were in their beds.

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She’s alleging the stepfather left the child down the lane suffering from the gunshot wound.

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The resident says the child’s stepfather did not seem in a panic when he came to the gambling shop nor did he call the police. She says they have the wrong men. She claims the residents have informed police outside of the Annotto Bay about what they know.

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Meanwhile, Head of the St. Mary Police, Superintendent Bobette Morgan says they’ve already questioned the stepfather.

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However, the residents are contending they can’t trust the police in the parish.

In response, Superintendent Morgan says there’re other avenues which residents can use to provide the information.

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Superintendent Morgan says it’s the collection of other statements that led to the arrest of the two men on Wednesday.

And Superintendent Morgan says she can also confirm the mother of the child was contacted and a meeting held. But, she was unable to say what came of the meeting. Residents have alleged the child’s mother left the community following the fatal shooting.