Telecommunications firm, Caricel, says it remains in business and is vowing to continue to offer competitive services as the only LTE advanced telecom provider in Jamaica.

Caricel has been locked in a battle with the Government of Jamaica over moves being made to revoke its license.

But in a statement this afternoon, the Company’s Secretary, Minett Lawrence, says Caricel continues to offer a range of services to consumers on excellent terms and at affordable prices.

According to Caricel, it must be noted that in the written decision of the Court, last week, the Judge gave consideration to the issue of national security.

The company says it’s significant that the Court found that nothing was placed before it to suggest that Caricel posed a threat at this time to national security.

The company says it’s reassuring its customers that Caricel has a valid domestic carrier and service provider license to provide local, fixed and international services and its spectrum license remains intact.

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