Embattled telecommunication company, Caricel, says it remains open for business despite the Technology Ministry’s commencement of the process to revoke the company’s license.

Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, confirmed in Parliament yesterday that the process has begun to revoke Caricel’s license. But, CEO of Caricel, Lowell Lawrence says it’s business as usual for the firm.

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Minister Wheatley told Parliament yesterday that Caricel had failed to honour certain due diligence requirements regarding its application for the telecommunication license.

But Mr. Lawrence says he can’t comment on the matter until he receives further and better particulars from the Technology Minister.

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Minister Wheatley has also objected to Caricel’s move to sell the company to a South African entity.

Dr. Wheatley maintains that his approval, as Technology Minister, is needed for the sale to be lawful. But Caricel says the process is completed.