The Roman Catholic Church in Jamaica is this afternoon moving to deal with a brewing controversy, as reports surface that one of its senior clergymen, a well known Monsignor, has been sanctioned after he was caught in a sexually compromising position with the wife of a Corporate Area attorney.

The Monsignor has been relieved of his duties and sent overseas following the allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Sources in the Catholic Church and the legal fraternity say the attorney reacted angrily after he caught the clergyman in bed with his wife, who’s also a parishioner at the place of worship.

A physical altercation reportedly developed between the two men.

The story surfaced yesterday after worshippers at the Catholic Church of the Monsignor in St. Andrew were advised that he would no longer be performing his usual duties.

Contacted this afternoon, Archbishop of Kingston, Charles Dufour, said he’d make a statement on the matter at a later time .

Archbishop, Charles Dufour, Head of the Roman Catholic Church in Jamaica, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

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