The Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ, today reserved judgment in a landmark case brought against Trinidad and Tobago and Belize by Jamaican Gay Rights Activist, Maurice Tomlinson,

This, after two days of hearing, via video conferencing.

Mr. Tomlinson is challenging the laws of both countries which empower immigration officials to refuse entry to homosexuals and prostitutes.

Maurice Tomlinson, Jamaican Gay Rights Activist.

But the Governments of Trinidad and Tobago and Belize have disputed Mr. Tomlinson’s claims saying since there’s no written policy, Mr. Tomlinson’s rights are not breached.

Under Trinidad and Belize laws, immigration officials can refuse entry to non-residents who are openly homosexuals.

Mr. Tomlinson has asked the court to grant several declarations including ordering Trinidad and Belize to amend their laws.

It’s not clear when a judgement will be handed down.