CEO of the LASCO Chin Foundation, Professor Rosalea Hamilton, is calling on the Church to take the lead on breaking the cycle of violence.

She says there’s need for greater collaboration among churches to have more targeted community based interventions.

Professor Hamilton notes that Jamaica is among the top nations in terms of crime, and that this region is notorious for violence.

Professor Hamilton says Jamaica won’t achieve the Vision 2030 goals, until the country reduces crime and violence.

She says several nations in this region have a common history of slavery, which was a violent experience. 

She says it’s widely accepted that the Church played a role in perpetuating slavery but also highlighted that the Church was also instrumental in ending slavery.

Professor Rosalea Hamilton, CEO of the LASCO Chin Foundation.

She was delivering the keynote address at the 19th Annual Emancipation Vigil, on Wednesday.

The Emancipation Service and Vigil is a partnership among the Church denominations in the Gregory Park Community.