A prominent attorney is chiding the Mona Law Society, for what he says is an irresponsible use of social media.

Defense Attorney Peter Champagnie, says himself, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula LLewllyn, and another attorney Peter Townsend, were invited to participate in the organization’s expo slated for Monday. But in a strongly worded letter, Mr Champagnie says he’s withdrawn his acceptance to participate, after he discovered what he calls vulgar images on social media, promoting the Mona Law Society.

The Expo, is a part of the Mona Law Society’s Law Week 2019. Tuesday’s event, dubbed ‘Legal Attire Day Legal Expo’, follows a Church Service on Sunday. On its Instagram account, the Law Society posted several pictures of female students, who are scantily clad. One of the students was wearing short shorts, a bikini top, high-heeled shoes and held what appeared to be a bear bottle to her lips.

When Nationwide contacted the Law Faculty, we were told that it had summoned the members of the Mona Law Society to a meeting, to discuss the issue. Subsequent checks to the Society’s Instagram page revealed that the ‘offending images’ were removed. In a letter to the Mona Law Society, Attorney Peter Champagnie says he made the decision not to participate in the event, after he discovered that there were females displayed in a vulgar, disgraceful and reprehensible manner, on the organization’s Instagram page. He says such postings can have far-reaching implications and can end one’s career before it even starts.

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Champagnie had written to the Mona Law Society demanding they remove his image in their promotion of the event.

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He’s warning law students to be more responsible in their behaviour and how they represent themselves.

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