The MP for North West St. James, Dr. Horace Chang, is dismissing comments made by Montego Bay’s Mayor, Glendon Harris, concerning the perpetrators behind the spate of murders being committed in St. James and other parts of Western Jamaica.

Mayor Harris says the murders are not indiscriminate acts but appear to be the result of an orchestrated plot.

He was reacting to last night’s incident in which six people, including a woman were murdered in St. James.

Dr. Chang says the Mayor’s claim is unfounded.

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Mayor Harris is the PNP Councillor for the Maroon Town Division in St. James.

He’s calling for unity among residents, in the face of what he claims is a coordinated plot by unknown forces to create mayhem in the parish.

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But Dr. Chang is disagreeing with the Mayor.

He says the suggestion that persons or groups are planning the murders, is highly irresponsible.

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Dr. Chang says influential persons in the parish are being mobilized to devise a solution to the problem.

He says the parliament has a role to play in assisting the residents of western parishes under siege from gun violence.

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