National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, says he finds the comments of the PNP regarding the murders which happened in St. James over the weekend distasteful.

At least one of the murders took place in Norwood in Dr. Chang’s constituency of North West St. James.

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The PNP described as a distraction, Dr. Chang’s assertions that their failure to support the States of Public Emergency contributed to the murders.

Dr. Chang says the government is banking on extensive social intervention and investments in the JCF but there’s still a need for suppressive activity to stop the killing. He says the murder in Norwood was carried out in plain sight of a police checkpoint, proving saturation policing is not enough.

Dr. Chang says the security forces could not take on the murderer because several people were present in the area.

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Dr. Chang says he will not anticipate whether or not there will be a re-imposition of the States of Public Emergency.

However, he says the government will implement whatever recommendation’s put forward by the security forces.

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Dr. Chang was speaking Monday morning on Cliff Hughes Online.