National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, says authorities in Jamaica are sure that illegal drugs were on the boat in which five Jamaicans were travelling when they were detained a few years ago by the US Coast Guard in Haitian waters.

The Jamaicans have claimed that they are fishermen and not drug smugglers.

They’ve also complained that they were mistreated by US authorities.

The incident recently came to public’s attention and triggered controversy over the Shiprider agreement between Jamaica and the United States.

Opposition members, including Senator Lambert Brown, have accused the Jamaican government of selling out the Jamaicans by allowing them to be prosecuted in the US.

Dr. Chang addressed the issue while he closed the sectorial debate in the House of Representatives on Wednesday night.

Dr. Chang says it must also be made clear that the Government is seeking clarification about the alleged mistreatment of the men.

Dr. Chang says the Guns-for-Drugs trade is perhaps the greatest threat to Jamaica’s national security.