Criminal charges have been laid on three men in connection with the brutal murder of primary school teacher, Nattallie Dawkins.

The men were taken into custody recently.

Deputy Police Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, DCP Fitz Bailey gave an update to the media moments ago.

DCP Bailey says both confessed to their involvement in the murder.

Fitz Bailey, DCP in charge of the JCF’s crime portfolio.

He says the men were found in possession of Ms. Dawkins’ ATM card and $60,000 withdrawn from her bank account.

Miss Dawkins is 44-year-old.

The Police revealed that Miss Dawkins’ body was found in an advanced state of decomposition on April 8 in Sandy Bay, Clarendon.

Miss Dawkins is believed to have been abducted by gunmen.

Her handbag was found along the Spanish Town leg of Highway 2000.

A man was also killed in a shootout with the police while he attempted to sell the teacher’s car. The car was recovered by the police.

A second man fled the scene but was eventually taken into custody when he turn up at the hospital seeking treatment for a gun shot wound.

Miss Dawkins was a teacher at Four Paths Primary in Clarendon.