Chief Justice Bryan Sykes has thrown his support behind the growing calls for an amendment to the law to give prosecutors the right to appeal.

Addressing the opening of the Trelawny Circuit Court in Duncans on Monday, the Chief Justice made it clear that he has always supported the idea of the Crown having a right to appeal.

Justice Sykes noted that he doesn’t see the difficulty in the Crown having a right to appeal an error of law.

The Chief Justice argued that in the 21st century any justice system that doesn’t give the Crown the right to appeal is a backward system.

Justice Sykes argued that with the Crown having a right to appeal, a judge will have to give reasons why they are ruling against the Crown.

He said in a civilised criminal justice system, the guilty are convicted according to the law while the innocent are acquitted.

However, he said there are times when an appeal comes into play.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck disclosed to our news center earlier this month that he’s prepared to allow an additional week of consultations with the Jamaica Bar Association on the matter.

Several defense attorneys have so far signaled their opposition to the proposed measure.

There’ve been calls for the matter to be put before a joint select committee of Parliament for further deliberations.