Presiding Judge in the Klansman Gang trial, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes shut down the request of a defence attorney who sought an early adjournment of the matter for the day.

The Defence Attorney, Alexander Shaw is representing the sole woman in the trial Stephanie Christie.

Tauna Thomas reports:-

Mr. Shaw rose just after the lunch break to request the adjournment because he had only this morning received a 75 page transcript from the Prosecution that he needed time to peruse.

According to Mr. Shaw the transcript was materially different from the previous one he had received.

Mr. Shaw told Justice Sykes that he’d need time to go through the new transcript and take further instructions from his client.

In response to the late disclosure, the Prosecution explained that they had uploaded the audio files in advance on August 26 but admitted that the new transcript was not there.

Chief Justice Sykes intervened asking Mr. Shaw if since August 26 he was only relying on the transcripts and did not listen to any of the audio material.

In response, the Attorney said he had listened to some of the recordings but noted they were inaudible.

This he notes was why he has been relying on the transcripts.

Justice Sykes questioned if Shaw had made the Prosecution aware of this issue with the audio.

The defence attorney responded that he was relying on the Transcripts since.

The Presiding Judge further questioned “so you don’t know what is on the recordings?”

Mr Shaw responded “no”

Justice Sykes then questioned “So you don’t know if transcripts and recordings are the same?”

In the absence of a response, Justice Sykes instructed that the court would look through the old and new transcripts line by line to see if they were indeed materially different.

In support of Mr Shaw, senior defence attorney Lloyd McFarlane rose to explain the difference in transcripts.

But Justice Sykes interjected stating “I wasn’t aware that Mr Alexander couldn’t speak.”

Mr Shaw rose to reiterate that the two transcripts were prepared by two different people and had different material, hence his request for an adjournment.

Justice Sykes asked the Defence Attorney how many days adjournment was he seeking to which Shaw responded “until Wednesday.”

But the Chief Justice rejected the request stating “Not happening. Let’s proceed.”

Tauna Thomas Reporting from the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston for Nationwide News.