Chairman of the South East Regional Health Authority, SERHA, Dr. Andrei Cooke, is denying claims that Chikungunya cases are being under-reported due to a lack of testing.

The Jamaica Labour Party’s caretaker for Eastern St. Thomas, Delano Seiveright, raised the concern over the weekend.

Mr. Seiveright claims there’s an outbreak of Chik-V in the parish that’s not reflected in the official numbers given by the Health Ministry.

Delano Seiveright says some doctors in St. Thomas are seeing as many as five to eight cases of suspected Chikungunya per day.

He says there are possibly hundreds of cases of the disease in the parish, that have not been reported.

The latest figures released by the Health Ministry over the weekend shows that there are 24 confirmed cases island-wide.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Mr. Seiveright says the Ministry’s numbers are inaccurate.

However, SERHA Chairman, Dr. Andrei Cooke, is denying reports that suspected cases of Chikungunya are not being tested.

He says simply sending people home without testing is not the Health Ministry’s protocol.

Dr. Cooke says he’s aware of reports of increased incidence of Chikungunya in St Thomas.

He says SERHA is investigating those reports and has stepped up its vector control efforts.

Dr. Cooke says he doesn’t have the official number of Chikungunya cases for St. Thomas, but expects to have an update later today after some tests results are delivered.