A number of placard-bearing persons in Lisa Hanna’s South East St. Ann constituency demonstrated in Claremont this afternoon against their MP’s stewardship.

The demonstrators taped placards onto the building which houses the PNP’s constituency office.

The placards demanded answers from Miss Hanna regarding her handling of the constituency’s affairs.

Miss Hanna is being challenged by Councilor for the Bensonton Division in South East St. Ann, Lydia Richards for the right to represented the PNP in the constituency in the next General Election.

The contest is scheduled to take place on September 26.

Meanwhile, Education Minister, Ronnie Thwaites, is condemning what he says is the actions of parents who took their children out of the Prickly Pole Primary School in Claremont , St Ann to participate in a political demonstration today.

Minister Thwaites said if reports received confirm that a high officer of the school board participated in disturbing the school in pursuing the demonstration, such person is unworthy of continuing in office.

He says the actions of school and community officials who reportedly participated in and condoned the demonstration is unacceptable.

The Education Minister says he’s being supported in his stance by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller,

He did not specifically say whether the demonstration he spoke of is the one that was organized today against Lisa Hanna.

He said the behavior of the adults set a very bad example of how problems are to be resolved.

Minister Thwaites also commended the principal and teachers whom he says refused to allow themselves and students to get involved in a political demonstration.

According to Minister Thwaites, nothing should justify the disruption of students’ attendance in school and their involvement in a political dispute.