Residents of Chisolm Avenue in Kingston blocked sections of their road over the weekend, demanding justice for what they insist was a malicious act by the police.

Thirty-seven-year chef, Nicholas Hamilton, died in a vehicular crash, allegedly involving a policeman.

The accident took place along Hagley Park Road.

One of the residents describes what is believed to have happened.

A Chisolm Avenue resident speaking yesterday with our news center.

However, the police are denying involvement in Hamilton’s death.

They say the road fatality is the result of a collision with a taxi operator driving a Toyota Wish motorcar and not a police service vehicle.

Keresha Hamilton, sister of the deceased, shared this with our newsroom.

Keresha Hamilton, sister of the deceased.

Residents subsequently blocked sections of Chisholm Avenue demanding justice for what they are insisting is a malicious act on the part of the police.

The residents also say the police and members of the JDF then invaded their community and took a number of persons into custody.

Hamilton is remembered as kindhearted with a positive community spirit.

They say he was his sister’s only living sibling.

Chisolm Avenue residents speaking with our news centre yesterday,