The Ministry of Justice is making it clear that no cash or cheque payments will be made to those who are to receive compensation from the government for the May 2010 West Kingston operations.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, says those to be compensated must have a bank account.

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Just under $200-million in compensation will be paid over to 430 people. Along with a Bank account, those to be compensated will require a Valid ID and a Tax Registration Number, TRN.

If the person doesn’t have an ID, a Passport-sized picture signed by a Justice of the Peace will be accepted.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Carol Palmer, also wished to make it clear that those to be compensated must visit one of two restorative justice centres in either Tivoli Gardens or Denham Town.

She says the Justice Ministry will not be handling the payments directly.

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Carol Palmer was speaking at a press conference at the Ministry’s office on Constant Spring Road, yesterday.