Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, is urging Justices of the Peace, JPs, to put to rest the notion that they’ll be financially compensated.

There have been calls for the government to implement a compensation package for Lay Magistrates and JPs.

But, Minister Chuck says compensating JPs would further promote the corrupt practices that some of them are involved in.

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The Justice Minister says the government is however, considering a recommendation to pay Lay Magistrates.

But, he says that is unlikely to happen anytime soon, as the nation’s economy is still struggling.

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Minister Chuck says the government’s priority is to improve the economy.

And, he says the justice system plays a critical role in that initiative.

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Delroy Chuck was speaking yesterday at Medallion Hall Hotel in St Andrew during a graduation ceremony for Justices of the Peace who’ve received specialised training to become Lay Magistrates, at Medallion Hall.

About 40 Lay Magistrates from Kingston and St Andrew graduated from the training programme.