There were chilling and stunning developments this afternoon in the high profile Police Death Squad Murder Trial of Police Constable, Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown.

The court heard evidence today implicating a former Police Commissioner and a Senior Superintendent in extra-judicial killings.

Jurors were shown a video of Constable Brown in 2013 saying that a Senior Superintendent of Police in Clarendon would brief the country’s then-Commissioner about undercover drive-by killings which Brown says he and other policemen were ordered by the SSP to carry out.

Brown was also heard in the video saying that after the organized killings were carried out, the Senior Superintendent would call the then Commissioner and say mission accomplished.

Constable Brown is before the court accused of murdering three men between 2009 and 2012. Constable Brown appeared in the video in a purple polo shirt speaking to INDECOM Assistant Commissioner Hamish Campbell and INDECOM investigator, Ryan Williams.

Brown is heard telling INDECOM that a person identified as SSP H from the Clarendon Division called him and another policeman to his office to give them some information.

The Constable said, “him tell me dem forming a team that ago do drive-by shootings of like some fellows who a do di murder dem”.

Brown said he and his colleague policeman agreed and were given an unmarked white pro-box motorcar to carry out the drive-by killings.

A chuckling Constable Brown could be heard in the video telling INDECOM to write down the license plate number of the pro-box because he, Brown, would also be carrying the information to his lawyer.

Constable Brown said the Senior Superintendent of Police who was identified in Court as SSP H gave him and his colleague a number of license plates to use on the Pro-Box.

Brown stated, “We were given M-16 guns and specific targets”. He says the Clarendon Intelligence Unit would give information about people who were hunted down and killed.

Constable Brown said, “we would not go to the station for a long time, we would drive around and look fi targets and tek dem out”. He continued by saying that when he and his colleague carried out the organized killings he was mostly the driver of the pro-box. Constable Brown stated, “mi know one who wi tek out by Palmers Cross, weh dem call him? Gutty”.

Brown is before the home circuit court accused of murdering a man known as Robert ‘Gutty’ Dawkins. The Police Constable further elaborated in the video shown in Court today on what he said was the plot by the senior Police officers to carry out organized killings. He stated, “If Mr. H get any call of any hot killer in Clarendon, he would call us and we would go to the station and meet him, we’d get the information and either we drive and look at the location or we deal wid it same time”.

In the stunning piece of audio heard in Court today Brown said – “when this is being done, when we are being given certain directives by Mr. H, him normally call the Commissioner, that is the said O.E., and tell him seh him give wi certain orders fi tek out certain kinda people”.

Constable Brown continued, “when it done, SSP H always call back and say mission accomplished”. When the video was being played in Court today the seven jurors appeared to be listening intently and read a transcript of the comments Constable Brown made in the video.

The transcript and the video were entered into evidence last week. Today INDECOM Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, re-entered the witness box.

In response to a question from Lead Prosecutor, Caroline Hay, Assistant Commissioner Campbell identified Constable Brown as the man who did the interview with INDECOM and made the damning allegations contained in the video.