Head of the Police Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) ACP Ealan Powell, says the police gave the Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA) all the information requested to revoke the license for Patrick Powell’s firearm.

This is at odds with statements from, retired Assistant Police Commissioner Errol Strong, who was the chairman of the FLA at the time Khajeel Mais was murdered.

Mr. Strong demitted office in 2012.

ACP Powell says the request from the FLA for a witness statement from the police was unusual.

However, the police followed up several times with the Authority, to get them to revoke Patrick Powell’s gun license.

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But that’s not how Errol Strong remembered it, when he spoke on Cliff Hughes Online on Wednesday morning.

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ACP Powell says he personally spoke with Strong about the matter.

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He says the police also told the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, about the double murder during their repeated requests for Powell’s gun license to be revoked.

According to ACP Powell, the Khajeel Mais murder investigation would have been better if the FLA had cooperated with the police.

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