Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime and Security, Fitz Bailey, says he’s directed a senior investigator from the Criminal Investigation Branch, CIB, to lead the probe into Thursday’s shooting of a Director of the Integrity Commission in New Kingston.

The Director, Ryan Evans, who’s in charge of Corruption Prevention, was shot in the arm by one of two gunmen inside a car park on St. Lucia Avenue.

DCP Bailey says based on information gathered, robbery was the motive behind the attack.

The incident happened about 11:10am, shortly after Mr. Evans made a large cash withdrawal from a bank in Liguanea, St. Andrew.

DCP Bailey says robberies of persons leaving banks are common within the Corporate Area.

Fitz Bailey, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime and Security.

He was speaking on Nationwide@5 on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner is urging businesses and citizens to be prudent when transporting money or carrying out transactions at financial institutions.

Fitz Bailey, DCP in charge of crime and security.