The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, JCAA is apologizing for belatedly announcing that an explosion at the Norman Manley International Airport on Friday was part of a planned training exercise.

The explosion of a bag at the airport was treated as breaking news on local television.

In a statement yesterday the JCAA said it regrets the delay in confirming that the explosion was part of a simulation exercise.

The JCAA says it acknowledges that its failure to confirm the simulation immediately after the event caused alarm.

According to the authority, it conducts scheduled and unscheduled simulation and other surveillance exercises on a monthly basis.

The JCAA says the simulation process is a crucial aspect of the island’s safety and security oversight systems.

This as they test the readiness to mitigate threats and respond to a variety of emergency situations.

The aviation authority says the simulation exercise at the Airport was one of a number of training regimes intended to test the readiness of the Jamaica’s first responders.

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