Attorney for Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill, Valerie Neita Robertson, says the case shouldn’t have been prosecuted as a criminal matter.

The case against Hill fell apart in the Home Circuit Court, in Kingston, when only one of 16 witnesses showed up.

Mrs. Neita Robertson says the matter should have gone through the civil court.

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She says the prosecution did the right thing by ending the matter yesterday– as they faced difficulty getting witnesses to testify.

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But Director of Public Prosecution, Paula Llewellyn disagrees that the Cash Plus case should have gone to the civil court.

She says the prosecution was seeking to use a witness– from Cash Plus– to prove that Hill used misleading utterance to induce people to invest in the company.

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She says that witness was prepared to testify in court. But Ms. Llewellyn says other witnesses needed to testify that they invested in the company after hearing such utterances from Hill.

However, those investors did not make themselves available as witnesses.

She blames the collapse of the case on disinterested witnesses who were only concerned about getting back the monies they invested in Cash Plus.

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Paula Llewellyn, Director of Public Prosecution, speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5.

Hill was arrested and charged in 2008 in connection with the collapse of the Cash Plus ponzi scheme.

He was charged with fraudulently inducing and attempting to induce persons to invest in Cash Plus and Cash Plus group — the five-year-old multi-billion dollar scheme.

Affected persons are being encouraged to seek compensation settlements in the Civil Court.