Two brothers have been charged with Illegal Possession of Ammunition after several rounds of ammunition were found in Treadlight district, Clarendon on Tuesday.

Charged are 19-year-old Ryan Wright and 21-year-old Patrick Wright both of Treadlight District in the parish.

Reports are about noon, both brothers allegedly threatened a man and showed him several rounds of ammunition.

The Police were summoned and on their arrival, they observed an area on a premises that was dug up.

Further checks revealed four rounds of ammunition that were buried.

The brothers were later taken into custody and charged.

They are scheduled to appear before the May Pen Parish Court, however a court date has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile the St.Ann’s Bay Police seized one Hi-Point 9 millimetre pistol on Christmas Day.

Police say the weapon was fitted with an empty magazine.

It was found at a premises on Gully Road in St. Ann during an operation.

Reports are about 4.00 in the afternoon., police conducted an operation in the area where a premises was searched and the firearm found inside a house.

No one was arrested in connection with the seizure.