The Clarendon Police have named 17 persons of interest, all of them from the volatile community of Farm.

The naming of the 17 follows the bloodletting over the past week in the community and the wider parish.

Head of the Clarendon Police, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron Powell says several those listed are implicated in Saturday night’s triple murder in the community.

One of them is also a suspect in the murder of 6-year-old Timothy Bassaragh.

Timothy was killed on Friday morning.

The Police have named Nico Walters otherwise called ‘Speckles’ as a person of interest in Saturday night’s killing.

Two others, known only as Niron and Shane are also being sought.

The Police say the triple murder is a reprisal for the murder of 6-year-old Timothy and the shooting of his mother.

The Police say 20-year-old Elvis Swaby otherwise called Junior is the suspect in that matter.

The other persons of interest are:
-Rohan Hill otherwise called ‘Fowl Pill’,
-Mark Campbell otherwise called ‘Shotty Mark’,
-Zemar Nelson otherwise called ‘Dillon’,
-Hugh-Wayne Edwards otherwise called ‘Zebra’ and
-Ricardo Mitchell otherwise called ‘Joseph’.

The Police are also seeking Shandel Williams otherwise called ‘Shawn’ or ‘Thirsty’,
-Machedo Thompson otherwise called ‘Pops’,
-Marlon McCarty otherwise called ‘Jay’ and
-Kendrick Scott otherwise called ‘Brady’.

The others are only known by their aliases, Tuco, Joel, Martin and Herbesha.

Superintendent Cameron-Powell says the police have been working to bring calm to the area.

She says the gunmen are using the woodlands to carry out their attacks.