The vision of the Public Sector Transformation Programme is gradually being accomplished under the Transformation Implementation Unit in the Ministry of Finance and Public Service.

Speaking at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel about the programme, Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke gave an update on how the ministry will continue to modernize the public sector.

The MyHR+ system which is a part of the Human Resource Management transformation component of the programme allows human resource records to be digitized and easily updated. It also allows for swifter retrieval of payment slips and pensions.

Twelve ministries, departments and agencies across the island that were once manual now uses this HR+ system.

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Minister Clarke wants to extend the system to another 16 ministries, departments and agencies over the next 18 months which would start in July of this year.

The Human Resource transformation pillar is one of the five strategic projects focused on under this Public Sector Transformation Programme.