Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke says Jamaica has the envious position of being one of the countries to recover the fastest from the Covid-19 pandemic.

He was addressing the Jamaica Labour Party’s 78th Annual Conference.

Dr. Clarke credits the party with a track record of guiding the country out of crises.

Wayne Walker reports.

Dr. Clarke says there’s no question Jamaica took a severe hit from Covid-19. However, he says the recovery is already moving apace.

The country is forecast to grow in the range of three to six per cent this year. This follows a major contraction of almost 30 per cent due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

However, Dr. Clarke, says the JLP has a history of navigating difficult periods.

Dr. Clarke says the economic recovery is best exemplified by the boom in construction which has not slowed amidst the pandemic. He says never before in Jamaica’s history has the construction industry been so vibrant.

The finance minister says based on the policies of the Jamaica Labour Party, jobs are also returning at an unprecedented pace.