Finance minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke is warning security companies that they are standing on shaky ground, as failure to pass through improvements in the minimum wage to their employees, is illegal.

Dr. Clarke says he will stand in support with those pouring scorn on those companies to adhere to the minimum wage law.

Dr. Clarke was speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday.

According to Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, some security firms are refusing to pass on recent improvements in the minimum wage due to government contracts which were locked in before the increase.

Golding says security guards are in no position to object due to the particularly vulnerable bargaining position they hold.

The opposition leader asked Dr. Clarke if the government would be willing to renegotiate these contracts to allow the companies to meet the new minimum wage obligations.

However, Dr. Clarke made it clear that this is no excuse not to pay what is owed.

He’s called on the opposition leader to provide him with evidence of any security company refusing to pay the minimum wage increases.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ckarke, says the country can expect another supplementary estimate to be tabled in short order to meet obligations under the compensation review exercise.

Dr. Clarke says this will ensure that public sector workers have a good Christmas.

Dr. Clarke was speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday as the Parliament approved the first supplementary estimates for the current fiscal year

The finance minister says the further budgetary revision will allow the distribution of the payments under the compensation review to the respective ministries.

He’s calling on the parliament to give its support in ensuring civil servants receive their improved compensation.

Dr. Nigel Clarke, Minister of Finance and the Public Service.