Opposition Senator, Peter Bunting, repeatedly clashed with Deputy President of the Senate, Charles Sinclair, over Bunting’s attempt to complete sections of the aborted budget presentation of Opposition Leader, Mark Golding.

Senator Bunting made the attempts during his contribution to the debate on the Appropriations Bill in the Upper House on Wednesday.

Mr. Golding’s contribution to the Budget Debates came to an abrupt end in the Lower House last week after government members walked out close to the end of his presentation.

This left the House without the quorum needed to continue.

Mr. Bunting, who is the Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, thought it important to have undelivered sections of Mr. Golding’s presentation read into the parliamentary record.

However, Senator Sinclair repeatedly warned him to restrict his debate presentation to the Appropriations Bill before the Upper House.

But, Mr. Bunting would not back down. He went as far as daring the deputy president to sanction him.

Peter Bunting, Leader of Opposition Business in the Upper House.