A member of the clergy is urging the Parliament to not be constrained by the views of religious organisations in making laws.

Reverend Sean Major-Campbell says Jamaica is not a ‘theocracy’.

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He made his comments yesterday as he addressed Parliament’s Joint Select Committee reviewing the Sexual Offenses Act and other related laws.

He’s criticizing the Christian community for its stance against expanding the definition of rape to include non-consensual penetration of any orifice of the body including the anus.

Currently, Jamaica’s laws only consider rape as the forced penetration of the vagina by a penis.

Hence, a boy or man cannot be raped, according to the law.

If a boy or man is penetrated through the anus, the law also stipulates lesser penalties than in the case of a girl or woman being raped.

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Reverend Campbell — who’s also a human rights advocate — says the Parliament must protect all Jamaicans.

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