The trial of police Constable Collis “Chucky” Brown, who is facing three murder charges is set to get underway in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston today.

Brown, is one of ten policemen linked to the alleged police death squad which allegedly killed ten people in 2012.

Brown, is charged with killing Damoy Dawkins, in an incident in January 2009 and Dwayne Douglas and Andrew Feron, in 2012.

When Brown appeared in court in January, his attorney Norman Godfrey, told the court that certain obligations as far back as 2017, were still outstanding when he represented Brown, in another case.

High court judge justice Bertram Morrison, who presided over the hearing in January, said he will have to recuse himself from hearing the case.

Morrison, reasoned that when he was assigned to the Manchester Parish court, Brown was assigned to him as his bodyguard and driver.