A co-founder of the Tambourine Army whom the police say is a person of interest, Latoya Nugent, is declaring that she’s not in hiding.

She says she’s told the police they can come and get her whenever they’re ready.

Yesterday, the JCF’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch, CTOC, asked for her to turn herself in.

Head of the CTOC, Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers, says the police have visited locations Ms. Nugent is known to frequent, but were unable to find her.

Ms. Nugent declared last evening on Nationwide Radio that she’s given the police her location and will not make any further attempts to help them.

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In a Facebook post last evening, Ms. Nugent mocked the police, laughing at how she was on radio and was a person of interest.

She further jeered the police, saying she feels disappointed that the Counter Terrorism Unit of the Force is unable to find her.

She noted that many people know where she is, adding that her Facebook location is also active.

ACP Chambers says she’s accused of malicious use of computer. He says after investigating, the police believe she has a case to answer.

In the meantime, Ms. Nugent is defending the Tambourine Army’s ‘Say Their Names’ campaign. The campaign encourages victims of sexual abuse to name and expose their alleged abusers.

It’s been criticized as being reckless by a number of persons. But Ms. Nugent says the campaign is being misrepresented.

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She says a number of victims are unwilling to seek redress from the court system because it can be unkind to them. But Ms. Nugent says those victims don’t want to remain silent.

She says she’ll always stand up for victims of sexual abuse whom she calls ‘survivors’ — even if it lands her in jail.

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And well-known environmental advocate, Diana McCaulay, says there’re risks associated with the ‘Say Their Names’ campaign. But she says remaining silent allows men to feel they can continue to sexually abuse women with impunity.

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