Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams has strongly condemned the actions of those responsible for the killing of the Woman Constable.

He is giving a commitment that all is being done to ensure her killers are brought to justice.

Commissioner Williams says criminals seem to be more daring and emboldened, as they plunder through the lives of innocent Jamaican citizens and launch repeated violent attacks on the members of the Constabulary.

He says these repeated attacks on members of the security forces seem to be fuelled by the constant negative sentiments being expressed against the Police, even as they dedicate their lives to the service of the country.

Meanwhile the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM says it’s saddened by the untimely deaths of Constable Curtis Lewis and Woman Constable Crystal Thomas.

Constable Lewis died tragically after being run over by a motorist.

INDECOM says it’s especially disturbed by the horrendous circumstances under which these deaths occurred.

INDECOM is sending condolences to the family of the two law enforcers and their colleagues in the Constabulary Force.