A common law husband and wife are dead and four others have been hospitalised following a three vehicular collision on the Flint River main road in Hanover today.

The deceased have been identified as 44-year-old pump attendant Cardella McCullum and 52-year-old Branford Gilling of Chigwell District in the parish.

The other crash victims are a woman, her daughter and two men, one of whom is a senior citizen.

The accident took place at about 11 this morning involved a Honda Stream, a Toyota Body and a Toyota Hiace bus.

It’s understood the female driver of the Honda had borrowed the car to drop off her daughter.

It’s understood while on her way she decided to turn around and head in the direction of Hopewell when she lost control of the vehicle. 

The car slammed into the Toyota Body traveling in the opposite direction before spinning around in the road and slamming into the Hiace.

The couple died on the spot while the driver, her daughter and a man were rushed to hospital. 

The driver of the Toyota body was also rushed to hospital.

It’s understood that the firefighters and paramedic technicians from the Lucea fire department who received the call at around 11:08 this morning had to use jaws of life to removed one of the bodies.

A man who arrived shortly after the accident explained to Nationwide News what he saw.

A bystander at the scene of the accident speaking with Nationwide News.