Concerned parents flocked to the Queens School on Central Avenue in St. Andrew Tuesday afternoon, in response to images on social media which showed a student walking on the roof of one of the classroom blocks.

There was chaos at the school’s front gate as parents who tried to force their way onto the grounds of the all girl secondary school were thwarted by security personnel.

One video showed the student walking on the roof, while schoolmates, who had abandoned their lessons, looked on with concern.

Another video showed the student being approached and hugged by a man.

It’s understood that the man eventually coaxed the girl to climb down to safety.

Public Relations Officer for the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Emilio Ebanks says the brigade was told the matter had been resolved while a team was on its way to the school.

Emilio Ebanks, Public Relations Officer for the Jamaica Fire Brigade.

Efforts to reach the school’s principal, Jennifer Williams were unsuccessful.