Hykel Nunes reports.

The Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, JCTU, says the deliverables for the National Consensus on Crime have been delayed because of elections.

JCTU President , Helene Davis-Whyte, says the General Elections slowed down the process.

Mrs Davis Whyte notes that the People’s National Party leadership race further delayed agreements.

The Crime Monitoring & Oversight Committee, CMOC, is struggling to meet its targets.

According to the JCTU, political leaders were focused on the September 3 General Elections.

Mrs. Davis-Whyte says the PNP leadership race came shortly after:

Mrs. Davis-Whyte is urging CMOC, to achieve its targets this year.

She noted that the consensus on crime is vital:

On Tuesday, CMOC Chairman Lloyd Distant said there’s no correlation between crimes this year and the deliverables that missed their deadlines.

The JCTU President agrees.

Meanwhile Anti Corruption lobby National Integrity Action, NIA, says some politicians may have reservations about the need for the Consensus on Crime

NIA Executive Director, Professor Trevor Munroe says majority of the lower and upper house support the consensus.

But he notes that it needs full support:

Professor Munroe says leaders from both political parties understand the importance of the consensus.

He says this is a positive sign:

The NIA Executive Director is reiterating that murders this year are not linked to the deliverables that missed their deadlines:

Professor Trevor Munroe, NIA Executive Director