A Police Corporal attached to the Clarendon Division, died last night, in what investigators are treating as a case of suicide.

Dead is 33 year Tyrone Thompson of Inverness in Knockpatrick, Manchester.

Reports are that about 7:30pm, Corporal Thompson’s twin brother found his body in a room at their home.

Images of the Policeman, which have been posted on social media, show him lying on his stomach on a bed with half of his face covered in blood.

The blood appears to be coming from a wound to his right temple.

Corporal Thompson is clad in a pair of dark trousers and a red T-shirt.

He has a pistol in the palm of his right hand.

Last evening’s incident was the third consecutive Tuesday that a member of the Constabulary Force has died.

All three are Constables.

Woman Constable Crystal Thomas was shot and killed by gunmen on July 14 on Spanish Town Road in Kingston.

While Constable Lynden Barrett was killed under controversial circumstances in Denham Town, West Kingston, last Tuesday.