The tourism room capacity in Hanover is to expand with the commencement of construction work on Phase One of the 500-million dollar five-star Grand Luxury Princess Hotels and Resorts at Industry Cove in Green Island.

The Hanover Municipal Corporation approved the Spanish hotel chain’s building application at its monthly meeting in April.

Phase One of the project will see the construction of 1,010 rooms inclusive of 14 overwater rooms, a casino, and two waste-water treatment plants.

In total, the developers plan to construct four hotels in a 2,037-room resort on approximately 34 hectares of land.

Chairman of the Hanover Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Sheridan Samuels, welcomed the Spanish conglomerate’s project.

Mayor Samuels says that the Corporation is particularly pleased with the employment opportunities that the initial phase is bringing to the parish.

It is projected that approximately 1,500 tradesmen and labourers will be hired during Phase One of the project.

On the completion of both phases, some 2,852 hotel workers are expected to be employed.

In his recent Sectoral Debate presentation in the House, Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, cited the Princess Hotels and Resorts as one indicator of Jamaica’s tourism investment climate improving.