Contractor General Dirk Harrison says he’s written to Managing Director of the National Road Operating and Constructing Company, NROCC, Ivan Anderson demanding answers about the now controversial North-South link of Highway 2000.

Mr. Harrison says it’s part of an intensified probe his office is conducting into the multi-billion dollar North-South Highway contract between the government and China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC.

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Mr. Harrison says he’s unable to say how soon the probe will be concluded.

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Mr. Harrison was speaking Monday evening at a ceremony in celebration 29 years of the Kiwanis Club of Stony Hill.

In 2012, then Transport Minister Dr. Omar Davies and the former Simpson Miller administration took the OCG to court with the aim of blocking the Office from monitoring the pre-contractual phase of the project.

However, in February 2013, the Supreme Court threw out the motion filed by Dr. Davies and the then government.

Then Contractor General Greg Christie had accused the government of trying to bypass his office.

He threatened to take legal action against members of a panel set up to oversee the project if they refused to supply him with reports on their activities.