Councillor Andrew Bellamy (left), Minister Floyd Green (center), Gabrielle Hylton (right)

The Ministerial career of Agriculture Minister Floyd Green is hanging in the balance.

This as the Minister is caught in the middle of a growing controversy that’s embarrassing the Andrew Holness, administration.

The administration, in its effort to manage the Covid-19 pandemic, has been consistently pleading with Jamaicans to follow the protocols of social distancing, wearing a mask, and limit gatherings.

Minister Green is now caught on tape breaching those protocols.

Minister Green is also the Member of Parliament for South West St. Elizabeth and Chairman of the JLP Area Council 4.

The controversy gathered steam on social media on Tuesday evening when a video surfaced of Minister Green at the social gathering.

Some sources have alleged that the gathering took place at a hotel in St. Andrew on Tuesday this week, which is a no-movement day.

Others have alleged that the gathering was held on Friday, September 3 which was not a no-movement day.

A smiling Minister Green was seen in the video seated at a table.  He also was not wearing a mask.

The Cabinet Minister and several others at the table were in the company of well-known party promoter and Councillor for the Mona Division in St. Andrew, Andrew Bellamy.

Also among those gathered and sharing in the festivities was Minister Green’s Advisor, Gabrielle Hylton, whose birthday was yesterday.

Hylton is also Vice President of the JLP National Organisation for Women, JLP NOW.

Only one person at the social gathering who was displayed in the video – an unidentified female, had on a mask. She wore the mask on her chin.

Green, Bellamy and those gathered around the table were participating in a toast.

Bottles of moet and several meals were on the table at which the group, including Minister Green and Councillor Bellamy, were seated.

Voices in the video were heard saying “no movement day, shower labourite and post it tomorrow.”

A female voice at the end of the video could be heard saying – “bout dem a shower labourite”.

The video has caused outrage on social media.

It’s against provisions of the Disaster Risk Management Act for people to leave their homes and enter public spaces on a no-movement day. 

Government Ministers and Councillors are among those who are exempt from the no-movement days. 

However, the stipulation in the law is if those exempt are moving in a public space on a no movement day, it should be for the purpose of conducting work.

Hotels are governed by separate protocols.

Calls placed last night to Minister Green were not answered.

It’s understood that Prime Minister Andrew Holness and senior members of the government became aware of the controversy engulfing Minister Green last night.

The Prime Minister is reportedly livid.

Prime Minister Holness has been pleading with Jamaicans to be disciplined and to observe protocols as the country seeks to navigate a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The Prime Minister is reportedly awaiting conclusive word on when the social event was held to decide how to treat with the controversy surrounding Minister Green.