The controversy surrounding the plot to kill dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel in prison is deepening.

Official correspondence from the Department of Correctional Services are contradicting the denial of the Police that a plot to kill Kartel was discovered.

The Department is also contradicting the claim of the police that no report was made to the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, regarding the murder plot.

Last Friday, reports surfaced that a janitor at the Horizon Remand center in lower St. Andrew was questioned after knives and bottles of lotion containing poison were smuggled into the prison in furtherance of a plot by inmates to kill Vybz Kartel.

Head of the Kingston West Police, Senior Superintendent, Steve McGregor, responded to the reports on Friday by describing them as untrue.

A day later, SSP McGregor was quoted in the Jamaica Observer newspaper as saying – “we have heard the rumours that attempts were being made to harm the entertainer and we would have visited the area and spoken to authorities there and found these rumours to be false.”

Regarding allegations that efforts were made to smuggle contraband into the prison, SSP McGregor stated – ”all of these allegations are false. The police have made checks and found the rumours to be untrue.”

But correspondence obtained by Nationwide News from the Department of Correctional Services  contradict the Senior Superintendent of Police.

A letter to Deputy Commissioner of Corrections, Joyce Stone, from a Superintendent at Horizon, Marcia Cummings-Page, stated that an inmate convicted of murder requested a bottle of lotion to be brought to him.

The letter from Superintendent Cummings-Page, says that when the bottle was cut opened two ratchet knives were found, along with a quantity of ganja and grabber.

The Superintendent told the second in command at the the Correctional Services Department that – “further investigations revealed that one of the ratchet knives was to kill appellant, Adidjah Palmer, aka Vibes Kartel”.

The Superintendent’s letter also revealed that on Friday January 16, a report was made to a Corporal Stephen Williams of the Denham Town Police which falls in the Kingston Western Police Division.

Mrs. Cummings-Page said the Police laid charges on an inmate for possession of an offensive weapon and ganja.

The correspondence from the Correctional Services also contradicts what Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Glenmore Hinds told Nationwide News on Tuesday, January 20.

DCP Hinds was asked if the Police were aware of the contraband find and the murder plot against Kartel uncovered by the correctional services.

The letter from Supt. Cummings-Page was dated Friday, January 16. The same day the Correctional Services Department says it reported the plot to kill Kartel to the Denham Town Police.