Former St. Andrew High School for girls standout, Nicketa Coombs, says she hopes to lend her expertise to young people in Jamaica who are going through a depressing period due to a traumatic experience but don’t know properly express themselves.

Coombs, who had to overcome a traumatic experience herself, is three weeks away from defending a dissertation for her doctorate in psychology.

Speaking on Sports Nation Live with Leighton Levy, Coombs says she met with Prime Minister Andrew Holness on one of his visitS to the USA and he assured her there was a need for her to return to Jamaica to share her knowledge.

Coombs represented St. Andrew High at the ISSA/Grace Kennedy boys and girls championships, Gibson Relays and Penn Relays in the 200, 400, and 400-metres hurdles as well as the 4-by-400-metres relay.

Coombs says she wants to develop standardized, evidence-based programs to reduce the chances of young boys and girls reoffending after they leave detention centres.

Nicketa Coombs.