Telecoms firm, Digicel, says thieves are costing them millions of dollars in repairs.

The vandals have reportedly been stealing copper wires and other materials from the mobile phone company.

In a statement yesterday, Digicel says customers along the border of St Mary and St. Ann are without mobile service as a result of repeated theft and the vandalizing of a cell site serving several communities.

According to the statement, on Tuesday, thieves cut the copper feeder cables at the site for the third time in six weeks.

Digicel says it placed some copper cables in galvanized metal pipes for protection on June 10.

The telecommunications giant says this work was to replace cables that were stolen on June 8.

Digicel says the communities being affected are Prospect Plantation, Exchange, Middle Street, and St Mary Country Club.

Regional Communications Manager for the Digicel Group, Elon Parkinson, says each incident of theft costs the company about $1-million.

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