The Police are not considering prominent Attorney, Patrick Bailey, as a suspect into the murder of a gardener at his home in 2016.

That’s according to Mr. Bailey’s Attorney, Christopher Townsend.

The Police called Mr. Bailey in yesterday for questioning in the presence of his attorney.

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Christopher Townsend was speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5.

Mr. Townsend says the police questioned his client for approximately 20-minutes. But, he says, the question and answer session wasn’t hostile in nature.

The body of the gardener, 51-year-old Germaine Junior, was found with stab wounds in Mr. Bailey’s house in September 2016.

Police had reported that a spent shell was also found at the scene and that there was no sign of forced entry.

According to investigators, at the time, Mr. Bailey had indicated that he stumbled upon the body shortly after 4 a.m.