Hykel Nunes reports

The Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches, JUGC, says churches will have to choose from three recommendations about how watch night services will be held this festive season.

Executive member and former Chairman of the Umbrella Group, Bishop Conrad Pitkin, says churches have been briefed about these recommendations.

He explains that there will be no physical watch night service:

The JUGC urged the government last month, to promote what it calls a social partnership with citizens.

The social partnership is designed to achieve compliance with the anti COVID-19 restrictions during the festive season.

Bishop Pitkin says churches should pay attention to the recommendations for watch night services:

However, he says the JUGC can’t dictate what churches do.

He explains that pastors have the final say.

The former JUGC Chairman says churches have largely been compliant with the COVID-19 safety measures recommended by the Ministry of Health:

Meanwhile, Bishop Pitkin says the pandemic has changed how churches operate.