Clinical Coordinator at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, Dr. Delroy Fray, is reporting a marked improvement in the number of COVID-19 patient admissions at the Type-A facility in St. James.

Records from the hospital have shown that as of April 21, the hospital has seen a 50% reduction in occupied bed spaces when compared to over three weeks ago.

The hospital has a bed space of 32 for COVID-19 patients.

While not directly attributing the reduction to the curfew measures implemented during the Easter holidays, Dr. Fray argued that whatever measures were taken seem to be working.

In relation to medical oxygen supply, the clinical coordinator noted the shortage that the hospital was faced with approximately a month ago has improved.

Dr. Delroy Fray, Clinical Coordinator at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

The hospital currently has an overall bed capacity of over 3 hundred of which 2 hundred and 84 are occupied.