The Supreme Court today is to hear the matter involving a lawsuit brought against the Jamaica Public Service Company by the Hope Pastures Citizens’ Association.

The Association is challenging the utility company’s action in trying to remove residents of the community from an underground supply of electricity.

In a statement to the media last evening, the Association says its attorney, Lord Anthony Gifford, will make his opening statement tomorrow.

Lord Gifford is expected to clearly lay out the grounds of the complaint and action brought by the residents of Hope Pastures.

The citizens say they purchased their properties with a guarantee that they would receive electricity from underground cables.

However, they’ve complained that JPS subsequently, ordered them to pay to be connected to the overhead network, in order to continue receiving power.

The Association brought a law suit against the utility company, saying its action was in breach of a Supreme Court injunction, obtained against JPS in 2015, requiring that the status quo be maintained until trial.