Wayne Walker reports.

COVID-19 deaths per week in Jamaica could almost double in the next seven-day cycle from August 26 to September 1.

That’s according to projections from the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

The Ministry has made its projections based on the nation’s current fatality and reproductive rates.

COVID cases per day are also expected to pass 1-thousand by September 1.

The projections from the authorities also indicate that over a thousand people will be admitted to hospitals by next weekend.

The nation’s health care workers are currently treating 589 COVID patients across the island.

The current patient load is 122 more than what was treated at the peak of the second wave.

Under the second wave, the peak of case admissions was 477.

The new projections from the Health Ministry suggest that hospital workers could be caring for at least 475 more patients by next weekend.

This increase is projected to occur between Sunday, August 29, and Saturday, September 4.

The Ministry’s projection indicates that hospital admissions could increase to 164 by next Saturday.

The Ministry is also projecting a frightening increase in deaths over the next week.

It expects that deaths will almost double between this Thursday, August 26, and next Wednesday, September 1.

Over the upcoming seven-day period, the Health authorities project that deaths will move from 116 to 226.

This would be the biggest jump in the death toll over a seven-period since August 14.

On August 14 the weekly death toll was 82.

Over the seven-day period between August 14 and 20, it increased by 33 to 115 deaths.

Between August 20 and 26, the number of deaths increased by 46 to 161.

This most recent death statistic is expected to almost double to 226 by September 1.

And, the number of people contracting COVID daily is projected to hit the one thousand mark in the next two days.

The Health Ministry says the number of cases will jump to at least 1-thousand and 2 COVID infections on August 26.

That’s projected to further increase to just over 14-hundred daily infections by September 1.

Recently Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie reiterated Jamaica will record more deaths if the case increase continues.